Sunday, September 19, 2010

Olivia has arrived, back to running some

Our daughter Olivia will be 2 weeks old on Tuesday and she's been a bundle of joy in our lives. She has put a little bit of a crimp in my running lately though. It's tough making it out there for all the workouts when I'm not getting my regular sleep. I'm working on getting back to running every day and I've had a couple of good workouts over the past week. Yesterday I made it out for the Saturday morning Kenyan Way workouts and ran 15.5 miles at a 7:10 average pace. I felt pretty good and finished the run with the last several miles being my fastest. On Wednesday I had a pretty good speed workout too in the evening at Memorial Park. My achilles and hamstring have been doing better too and they have improved enough that I don't need weekly treatments on them anymore. Here's a few pics of Olivia-


  1. Great pictures. Congratulations, and great to see you out there on Saturday, as well as passing by each other this morning. Many good thoughts and prayers to you both.

  2. About time you posted some pics. What a cutie! Kinda early to tell, but I hope she ends up favoring her mom.

    Props to you for making it out this morning. If you "listen to your body" like Sean says, you should have gone back to sleep.

  3. I told my wife that as long as Olivia was as smart, good looking, and as fast i was then everything will be good. Suzanne said that she hopes that Olivia gets her organizational skills and punctuality and not mine.