Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good week of running

The past week has gone fairly well and I was able to run almost every day and get a couple of harder workouts in. Last Tuesday I ran 9 miles with 6 miles a little faster than marathon pace and my leg felt ok. I had a little bit of hamstring irritation, but nothing too bad and I closed with a 5:40 mile at the end of the hard part. After an easy day on Wednesday I did 8.5 on Thursday with 5.5 at just under marathon pace. I didn't feel like my hamstring was ready to try the 10 x 800 on my training schedule so I just did a few quick miles instead. Friday was chilly out, but I did 6.5 in the sub-freezing weather with windchills in the mid-20's. Saturday I ran 10.25 miles with Sam at close to 7:00 pace average. Now I'll just be tapering and continuing to do lots of stretching and getting ready for the race on Sunday.

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