Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday 1/12 - 5 miles easy

The weather was nice again today with temperatures in the mid 50's and sunny out. I ran a nice easy 5 miles without a watch. I didn't want to worry about my pace and feel compelled to speed up if I thought I was going slow so I just enjoyed a nice short easy run. My hamstring didn't bother me today either which is good news.

My biggest problem is deciding what shorts to wear for the race. I think I'm going to wear my compression shorts for the race which are basically spandex that come down to a few inches above me knee. I think wearing my normal short running shorts over the compression shorts looks incredibly dorky and I'd be too embarrassed to run like that unless I had some 70's era long tube socks with stripes at the top and a sweatband. I've got some longer shorts that I wear on a lot of my lunch runs that work pretty well as long as it isn't too hot and humid out. Maybe I can have my wife have extra shorts at one of the spots on the race course where she cheers me on and give me a water bottle and if my longer shorts are getting too soaked I can change real quick. Hopefully with the compression shorts underneath they won't get as sweaty and soaked. Maybe I'll try to post some pictures Wednesday or Thursday of some various racing attire combos and my faithful following can vote on the best look.

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