Wednesday, January 28, 2009

6 Mile Run

I felt great today. This is my first run this week where my leg muscles didn't get sore or I didn't feel like I was working hard to maintain pace the last couple of miles. I went out for a run at lunch on a 6 mile route up in the woodlands near my office. I checked the weather before I headed out and it was 43 degrees out with a windchill of 38. Fortunately I packed a long sleeve shirt in my bag before I left this morning. It was a little frigid the first mile and my hands were freezing. It wasn't so bad in the sun, but it got chilly in the shade. I've run this route with my Garmin before, but there are several different paths I can take the first mile and I don't remember exactly where each mile is at. There are a couple points on the run where I usually check my watch out and can use as a reference for how fast or slow I am running. The first two miles were at an average pace and I was feeling pretty good and finally getting reasonably warm. About midway through the run I was wishing I had just worn the long sleeve shirt only instead of it on top of my short sleeve shirt. At about mile 4 I was cruising and took off the long sleeve shirt only to get a blasted by the wind about 30 seconds later. I was cruising the rest of the way in and felt strong the last couple of miles. Sometimes I wonder if I should do more runs on routes without mileage markers or without the Garmin so I'm not always worrying about my pace. I finished the 6 miles in 40:40. I was really tempted to go out and run about 12 400's to get myself used to running with some speed again, but I'm trying not to do anything dumb and make sure that I am fully recovered from the marathon.

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