Sunday, December 13, 2009

5 miles easy

As bad as my legs felt at the end of yesterday's run I wasn't sure how this run Sunday evening was going to go. I needed to get out and get some miles in so I planned to run 5 miles easy. Just before I went out I read Bill's blog and saw that he ran well the day after a 23 miler and with my uber-competitive nature I felt I had better have a decent run. Surprisingly, my legs felt really good. The first mile was kind of slow like it usually is after a long run, but I settled into about 7:25 pace for the rest of the run. Unfortunately my stomach didn't fare quite as well as my legs. I had gorged myself on bbq brisquet, sausage and pecan pie and blue bell ice cream at lunch with second helpings of all the aforementioned items. It was a great lunch, but it really didn't taste as good when it was coming back up during my run. Fortunately Sunday evening at the park is rather lonely and I don't think too many people witnessed my little incident. I finished the 5 miles in 37:40.


  1. I just like to keep everyone updated on all the fine details of my training.