Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday 12/2 - 6.25 miles easy

I got down to the locker room at lunch to go for a run and one of my co-workers who I run with sometimes was heading in at the same time. I pulled my running clothes out of my bag and I thought I had grabbed some black running socks I had, but somehow I had grabbed a black pair of my wife's socks in the dark before I left for work. I'm not quite sure how they ended up in my sock and underwear drawer, but I had to run without socks. I had seen the temperature was in the upper 40's so I headed outside wearing a short sleeve shirt thinking it wouldn't be too bad out. I got about 10 seconds into the run and got blasted by the arctic jetstream and turned around and made a beeline back inside to grab a long sleeve shirt I had in my bag. My co-worker has the same job that I have, but in a different area than I work and we had a good chat being able to vent about some of our similar frustrations. My hamstring and piriformis didn't bother me at all today on the run which was a good sign. I spent about 15 minutes stretching and doing some strengthening exercises after the run. I'm just planning on doing easy miles the next couple of days and then running a 24 miler on Saturday with potentially 12 miles at marathon pace. It may be below freezing and we might have snow on the ground here in Houston Saturday morning so we'll see if I do the marathon-paced miles this week or postpone it.

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  1. good luck with your long run that's tough to do when it's cold.....but there are times when you just have to get it in .. have a good one