Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday 12/18 - 8 miles

Ran a nice easy 8 miles at ~ 7:15 avg pace on Friday afternoon. I had contemplated doing the hard workout I had missed on Friday, but I had thoughts of going up to 24 miles on Saturday and decided it was more important to try to be relatively fresh for that than getting in one more speed workout. I ran through the park and out to the Polo fields and ran around the perimeter of the fields. It was nice getting most of the run in on a grass surface, but I could still feel the tightness across the back of my knee on the grass.

I also have a little bit of a shoe conundrum. I train in two different pairs of shoes - the adidas supernova glide and the adidas adizero Boston. I'm planning on running the marathon in the adizero Boston and I really like the shoes the most, but they are pretty lightweight (~10 oz.) and I wanted another shoe that was a little more solid to wear on some of my recovery days since it seems like my legs take a little more pounding from the lightweight shoes. I recently replaced my old Supernova Glide's with a new pair and for some reason the new pair seems to bother my feet a little more. My big toe seems to rub more in the toebox on the side and I get these big calluses on the side of my big toes. As the calluses get bigger, they rub more and irritate me more and then I have to cut part of the callus off when it gets big. It doesn't really bother me too much for a 6 - 8 mile run, but by the end of 8 miles I can definitely feel it. My adizero Boston shoes need to be replaced, but I've been having trouble getting a new pair since it seems the model has been discontinued and the replacement model isn't coming out until after January 1. I went in to Luke's Locker on Friday night to see if they might have a pair that I could get and wear on Saturday's long run. They were able to track down a pair at a store in Dallas, but I won't be getting it until Tuesday. I can't do a long run in my Supernovas so I'll have to wear my worn out shoes for the long run and hopefully I won't run into any major issues.

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