Saturday, April 11, 2009

13 miles easy

I asked Sean before the run if I should make up the workout I missed earlier in the week with 10 miles at marathon pace but he told me to skip it and just run for 90 minutes easy. I was a couple minutes late getting to the start this morning and the group I usually run with had taken off already and I wasn't going to catch them running at an easy pace. I caught up with a guy named Monty who's running Boston next week and another guy named Gary who had tried to qualify for Boston in the Austin marathon but didn't make it because of bad weather conditions that day. They were running about 7:30 pace and I decided to run with them since it was more enjoyable having somebody to run with than running by myself. I don't know if I've done a run with such a low heartrate in a while. I averaged 143 bpm for the 13 miles at 7:34 pace.

My splits and HR were-

1- 7:31, 153
2- 7:18, 145
3- 7:17, 145
4- 7:24, 144
5- 7:30, 145
6- 7:31, 145
7- 7:38, 142
8- 7:47, 139
9- 7:41, 141
10- 7:40, 138
11- 7:39, 139
12- 7:37, 143
13- 7:40, 143

One thing I've noticed a few times is that the first mile sometimes has a high heartrate. I don't know if it has to do with not being warmed up and starting running being a stress on my body and then once I get more warmed up my HR drops. This isn't the first time it's happened. I usually only wear my HR monitor on my longer runs, but I wonder how often this happens on my other runs. When I ran the Houston marathon, my HR was really high the first mile and it never really came down much either and it was so high that it was impossible to run my goal time.

Only 9 days to Boston! I checked the 10 day forecast for Boston and it looks like it could be good running weather. It's still quite a long ways out, but Monday and every day leading up has a high temp in the mid-50's. Hopefully it won't be really windy. I will be tapering and having quite an easy week of running coming up this week. Happy Easter.

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