Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 miles easy

I ran a nice leisurely 6.1 miles around the lake in 43:50 today.  It was about 70 and sunny out and felt really nice out.  I just took it nice and easy and concentrated on keeping good form.  After today, I won't be doing any runs over 3.5 miles until the race.  We are flying up to Boston on Saturday.  I just checked the weather and now they are only predicting a high of 45 so it might be a little cool.  That's fine by me though.  I'd rather it be a little cooler because it's a lot easier to put on gloves or sleeves if its cold and be warm enough than run while I'm carrying a portable air conditioner to stay cool if it is too warm out.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post my running equipment packing list to show you how ridiculous it is the stuff I need for the race in various running conditions.

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