Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not running, just eating M&M's

I've been enjoying taking a little time off from running since Boston. My quads were in agony the rest of the week after the race. I did quite a bit of walking around the city on Tuesday and Wednesday after race which didn't help my legs feel any better. Any time I walked up and down stairs, I had to hold onto the handrail for support and walk very slowly. It was sort of a foreshadowing of what my life might be like when I'm 90 years old. Finally on Friday the 24th when we left Boston, my quads didn't ache with every step I took. If I could have done things differently, I think I would have gotten a wheelchair and had Suzanne push me around Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday and my legs probably would have recovered a little quicker.

Last Saturday my legs were feeling great so I decided to go out for a run mid-afternoon. As I headed out the door, I thought I probably could do 6 miles, but I was just going to run to the park, do one lap and then head home which was about 3.5 miles. It only took a couple minutes into my run to realize that my legs hadn't recovered as much as I had thought. They were still heavy but I figured I'd just run nice and easy. My first mile took me about 8:30 and my quads were definitely sore. 10:00 into my run, I decided to turn around and head back home because my legs were so sore. I didn't feel the need to keep going and strain something and end up more injured or needing to take extra time off. Halfway back home at 15:00 into the run, my legs hurt so much I stopped and just walked the rest of the way home. I figure I ran for about 1.75 miles and then walked for between .5 and .75 miles.

Later Saturday we went to Costco and I got a 56 oz bag of peanut M&M's. They had a $2.50 off coupon so I got this huge bag for about $7 or something like that. It rained a lot on Monday and Tuesday so instead of running I just stayed home and munched on M&M's instead while I visualized running fast. I thought about running yesterday, but it was kind of warm out and I decided to stay home and eat more M&M's instead. If Sean took 8 weeks off, I figure it won't hurt me to take 1.5 or 2 weeks off to finish my giant bag of peanut M&M's before I start running again. In case anybody might be wondering what kind of present they should get me for my birthday or July 4th or Earth Day or any other special occasion you think of, Peanut M&M's is always a great idea ;)

I may try to go running this evening. It depends on whether I'm motivated enough to get out the door before I sit down on the couch and start snacking when I get home.

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  1. Great! I've been wondering what to get you for your birthday. Peanut M&Ms it is. If you eat enough of them, maybe Avalon will be able to keep up with you next time you go for a run.
    Congrats on Boston. We're proud of you! Looking forward to seeing you soon.