Friday, April 3, 2009

5 miles easy

I did a nice leisurely 5 miles today. I didn't wear a watch because I knew I'd be running slow and I just wanted to enjoy a nice slow run and not worry about pace. I think it took me about 39 or 40 minutes based on the clock inside that I glanced at before I left and when I got back. The weather was great out. I wish I was outside all afternoon instead of being cooped up in the office. When I was in the locker room one guy asked me if I ran outside or if I just lifted today since I wasn't sweating. I told him I ran outside, but he didn't seem to believe me. I told him I just ran slow and easy today.

I'm planning on running the inaugural "4 the park" 4 mile race at Memorial Park tomorrow assuming that they haven't hit the cap of 2500 runners and they still let me register this evening. I'm debating on wearing my new Asics racing flats that I got for 5 mile to half marathon races that I have never worn before or wearing my Adidas super lightweight flats that I wear for 5k's. The newer shoes probably have a little more cushioning to them, but I've never worn them before. I've also never worn my 5k flats for more than a 5k since they are so light. I don't think I've run a 4 mile race before either. It's kind of an awkward distance and I'm not sure what pace to go for. I think my goal is to go for sub 5:20 pace for a 4 mile race and hope that I don't go out too fast and blow up in the last mile. I had a dream last week that I was running down Memorial Drive in the middle of the race and I was leading the race. That dream could be shattered though depending on who shows up for this race and who runs the Bellaire Trolley Run tomorrow.

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