Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday - 7.6 miles

I took Thursday off because my foot was really sore and I was hoping a day off would help it heal a little more. Friday I ran after work and I had to get my run in pretty quickly since we were going out to dinner with some friends. I ran at the park and was running about 6:40 pace my first lap and I heard footsteps behind me. I was a little surprised because it was 92 degrees out and not many people usually run up on me, especially at that pace in that weather. I'd never met the guy before but his name was Jonathon and he'd moved to Houston from Ohio a little over a year ago. He ran about 1/2 a lap with me before peeling off. I knocked out a couple 6:20 miles before finishing up the lap with a 6:26 mile. I finished the run in 49:50 and felt pretty good. After dinner we went roller skating with some friends. I probably hadn't done that since elementary school, but we roller skated for about 90 minutes which was a pretty good workout. I was dead afterwards and wasn't really looking forward to Saturday morning's run.

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