Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day off

Today was just a day where my body wanted a break.  I was planning on doing 8 - 10 miles total with 3 - 5 miles of 30 seconds hard/30 seconds medium after work, but I was just exhausted when I came home.   I just need a little R&R tonight and I'll try 3 miles of 30/30 tomorrow.

I had a scare this afternoon when I thought that my blog had been hijacked.  A couple weeks ago I had sent someone a link to my blog and I inadvertantly left the "s" out of blogspot.  She emailed me and asked what was up with my blog and I clicked on the link in the email and wondered who had hacked my blog.  I went to another website that had a link in a post to my blog and clicked on it and got to my blog and finally realized what had happened.  It looks like any web address at the domain will send you to that site.

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