Saturday, November 7, 2009

BCS rant

After last week's college football games (10/31) I was looking at the BCS standings and I'm trying to figure out why the computer rankings get 1/3 of the weight in the BCS standings. Boise St. was undefeated and beat Oregon head to head the first game of the year. Neither team has lost since then, but Oregon is ahead of Boise St. in all but 1 of the computer rankings and at least 4 places ahead in 2 of the computer rankings. One computer has undefeated Texas 9th - 5 spots behind one loss Oregon and only 1 spot ahead of two loss USC who was destroyed last week. I'm pretty certain we'll see the eventual SEC champ and Texas in the National Championship game as long as they win out. The computers had Iowa ranked 2nd (granted before their loss today) but it was fairly obvious to everyone with common sense that Iowa isn't as good as some of the real contenders. Unfortunately you can't program common sense into the computers.

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