Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday 11/12 - 5 mile recovery run

I went out for a nice short easy recovery day after Wednesday's hard workout. I think I figured out that my foot pain from Monday is definitely shoe related and doesn't appear to be an overuse injury. I hadn't worn the shoes since Monday that I was wearing when my foot started hurting, but since I was only doing an easy 5 miles on the dirt path at the park I decided to wear them and see how they felt. I got about 2 blocks into my run when I started feeling discomfort in the same spot in my foot. I noticed that one of the plastic adidas stripes was putting pressure on the foot right there. I walked the 2 blocks back home, changed shoes and ran the 5 miles with no problems. I'm surprised that I've worn the shoes for so long and only now is the shoe causing me issues with that spot on my foot. I ran 20 miles on Saturday in those shoes with no problems. The worst part is that I had really liked that model and was planning on getting another pair to wear for the Houston Marathon. Now i need to figure out if I can actually do that or if I need to find a different shoe to try out and wear.

I ran the 5 miles at about 7:40 pace and I was surprised that my legs felt as good as they did after the Wednesday workout. Sometimes my legs are just toast and really dragging, but they felt surprisingly strong.

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