Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday - 11/9 - Hills and foot pain

Monday morning I headed out and began my usual 2.5 mile warmup from my house to the Kenyan Way hill workout. About 1 - 1.5 miles in to my warmup I started feeling some pain in my foot in one of the metatarsals. I wasn't sure if my shoe was just a little too tight and it was discomfort from the pressure of that or if I was starting to see the initial signs of an overuse injury. I'd done 44 miles in the previous 4 days which is probably the highest 4 day total I've done recently so I don't think an overuse injury is out of the question. I stopped to adjust my laces and it didn't bother me at all while I was walking, but it was still irritating me some while I was running. I got to the workout and talked to Sean and he suggested that I try jogging one of the circuits on the grass and see how that felt. I could still feel some slight discomfort on the 1st hill, but it seemed to fade away after that. I ended up doing 3 miles of hills at a medium to medium hard effort and then ran a 1/2 mile cooldown on the grass. Fortunately my wife was at the morning workout and was able to give me a ride back home so I didn't have to do a 2.5 mile cooldown on asphalt and concrete streets and sidewalks. I'm still not certain if it was just something to do with the shoe I was wearing or if I'm on the verge of having an overuse injury.

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