Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday 11/27 - 7.5 painful miles - 56 minutes

I went out for a 7.5 mile run on Friday morning and my legs were in lots of pain after Thursday's run. I ran out along the I-20 frontage road out near Weatherford. It's a nice stretch of rolling hills and almost no traffic. Usually after the first couple of miles my legs will start feeling better, but they felt pretty sore the entire run. I spent quite a while stretching and foam rolling after my run. It was good to get out and run and the weather was nice again on Friday. The muscles in my feet were kind of sore after my run Friday. I hadn't worn my flats that I wore for the race too often and I had a new pair of trainers I started running in on Friday. Saturday has a 22 mile long run coming up since I hadn't gone long in 3 weeks.

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