Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday - Russian Fartlek - 9.5 miles total.

This was a tough workout, but I felt pretty good and had a strong workout. The weather was miserable like usual - upper 70's, very high humidity. I met up with Sam and Sean and Luis and ran the workout with Sam. I ran about 3/4 of a mile warmup over to the tennis center and then ran a 3 mile warmup with the guys, did some strides and started the workout. The workout was to run a mile at 5k race pace, 1200, 800, 400 all at 5k pace or hopefully faster with an 800 at 6:30 pace recovery between each interval. Sean told us on the warmup to try to go for 6:30 pace on the 800, but we could slow it down if we weren't able to hit good times on the hard part. My goal was to do the mile in about 5:25 and then try to pick up the pace on each successive interval. That was a little slower than my 5k pace, but the weather was nasty and I didn't want to go to hard to start and end up having a bad workout.

Actual splits:
1600 - 5:24
800 - 3:21 (6:42 pace)
1200- 4:01 (5:21 pace)
800- 3:22 (6:44 pace)
800 - 2:38 (5:16 pace)
800 - 3:33 (7:06 pace) - stopped at a fountain to get a swig of water
400 - 1:11 (4:44 pace)

1.75 mile cooldown easy after the workout.

I was happy i picked it up each time and was able to have a strong finish on the last quarter. I just need to kick it in like that in my race next weekend.

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