Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kenyan Way Long Run - 14 miles of torture

My alarm clock went off about 5:15 this morning and any excuse I could think of for turning off the alarm and going back to sleep went through my head but after a couple minutes I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for the run. It was 80 degrees and 90% humidity when we started the run. I saw Sam when I got to base and I was downing my powergel and some water when our group took off so we started about 25 or 30 seconds behind them. We were both pretty tired from yesterday's workout and it took us about 2 miles to catch our group at the first water stop. After the water break, Sam and I ran with Andrew and Jenna and pulled away from the rest of the group. We ran the River Oaks loop and then back to the park, an extra loop at the park and then back to the base. I was in pain from about mile 2 - 14. I would have been happier to run about 15 seconds/mile slower, but I made myself stay with the guys. They weren't running too fast, but between the weather and the workout yesterday it was tough. When we were doing the extra lap at the park I wasn't sure if I was going to hang the whole time, but I managed to hang on and when we got to two miles to go, I knew that I could stay strong the last two miles. I averaged 7:18 pace for the run.

My splits were:

1- 7:53
2- 7:23
3- 7:16
4- 7:15
5- 7:14
6- 7:14
7- 7:23
8- 7:13
9- 7:22
10- 7:20
11- 7:13
12- 7:11
13- 7:14
14- 6:56

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