Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday - 7 miles

Another hot, slower run. I ran at lunch with on of my coworkers. He was only planning on doing 5 miles, but I convinced him to run 7 with me. It was 93 and the heat index was 98 when we were running. We did the seven miles at about 7:30 pace. When I got to 5 miles I wished that I had only gone 5 miles because I was ready for the run to be done with. It was hot and I was tired. Hopefully tomorrow morning's speed workout will go well. Sean, Luis and Bill will probably all be there and Sam may be out there too. Sean said he was only going to go run the 30/30 for 3 miles in 15:30 so they will probably give me a 30 second head start and I'll see if I can hang with them if they catch me in the last mile.

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