Monday, May 4, 2009

I hate mosquitoes

Back to running regularly again. Today was the first day of the Kenyan Way "Beat the Heat" Summer program. I did about a two mile warmup, 10 minutes of drills and strides and then 20 minutes of a 3 speed fartlek. Between the finish of the drills and the start of the workout I think I killed about 8 mosquitoes. Hopefully I won't come down with West Nile Virus. I wonder what's worse- West Nile or Swine Flu.

We had a long loop set up with different colored cones where we ran easy on the part of the loop with red cones, medium effort on the orange cone section and hard on the green cones. I really enjoyed this workout a lot more than the traditional Monday hill workouts. I ended up not running on Sunday so I was pretty fresh for the workout. I ran with Andrew and a guy named Mike who was new to the program who is starting to train for New York. Andrew had run 24 miles yesterday so he dropped off the pace about halfway through. I don't think I would have shown up for a speed workout the day after doing 24 miles.

Each lap took me about 2:15, and I got 9 laps in. I was moving quicker at the end of the workout than at the beginning. The workout wasn't too hard on my legs and was a great first speed for my summer 5k season. I enjoyed this workout because it wasn't too hard, but I was able to get lots of quick leg turnover in. After the workout I did a one mile cooldown and stretched for a while.

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