Monday, May 18, 2009

Last week of running

Wednesday 5/13-
I had intended to run the 2 mile Kenyan Way time trial today, but I was just exhausted from a couple of long days and missed the morning run and was late getting out to the evening run. I was going to start it late and run it by myself but Sean told me just to do a regular run and try to get out and do a progressive run in the morning with Sean, Luis and Bill. I averaged about 6:50 pace for the 7 miles

Thursday 5/14-
Missed the progressive run. I needed to be at work earlier than I could have gotten in if I had done the workout. Played ultimate frisbee at lunch - 2 miles of running to and from field plus ~40 minutes of workout during game.

Friday 5/15-
No run.

Saturday 5/16-
Kenyan Way Long Run- 13 miles
I forgot to start my Garmin after one of the water stops so I don't know the exact time, but it was probably a little under 1:30. We had a good group out there pushing the pace and our first mile started out at 7:17 so I figured it would be a quick day. We were cranking out quite a few miles in the 6:40 - 6:50 range without any difficulty. The group sort of splintered near the 8 mile mark and I ran the last 5 by myself. Sam had taken off and left our pack in the dust heading back up Allen Parkway. When we got back to the base at 8 miles, Mike didn't stop for water and kept going. John and Andrew both decided they were finished with the run so I went back out and did another lap of the bayou. Very humid and 73 degrees out. Longest run since the marathon. My legs were feeling pretty good and I seem to be recovering from all the nagging aches and pains from my marathon training. The end of the run was getting rough as the sun came up over downtown and started beating down on me the last couple of miles. I'll definitely have to get my long runs done and over with early in the morning.

Sunday 5/17-
No Run. I ate a large piece of chocolate cake for my 30th birthday and didn't really feel like heading out for a run after that. Goodbye 25-29 age group, Hello 30-34. I'm going to have to step it up now as I move into the uber-competitive 30-34 age group.

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