Monday, May 25, 2009

San Diego Vacation - no running

Suzanne and I went to visit some friends in San Diego for the weekend and I didn't get any runs in on Friday - Sunday. I should have gone running because the weather there is so much nicer than it is in Houston. The high temps every day were in the upper 60's and the lows were in the upper 50's. I did eat a lot though to fill the time that I wasn't running. It seems like the trendy thing out in San Diego now is frozen yogurt shops. We went to a couple that sold soft serve yogurt and mixed in the toppings of your choice. Definitely not Bluebell, but it wasn't half bad. I got to play a round of golf at Torrey Pines, went surfing for a couple of hours and went paragliding while we were out there. Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and we had to come back to Houston on Monday.

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