Monday, May 25, 2009

Kenyan Way speedwork

I guess since I didn't run all weekend I needed to run extra hard when I got back to make up for it. We got back in town in time for me to go to the evening Kenyan Way workout. The temperature was in the upper 80's and it was nice and sunny out. I did a 2.5 mile warmup and headed over to the workout location. The workout was two 11 minute circuits with a 5 minute break where we ran medium to hard effort on the orange cone section and recovery jog on the red coned section. The first circuit wasn't too bad since it was mostly flat and had a little bit of shade for part of the loop.. There were a few high schoolers who had come out to workout that were pushing me the first 1/2 of the circuit, but I eventually pulled away. After a 5 minute break we went across the street to the other circuit which was definitely harder. The circuit had a gradual elevation gain the whole time and then we would walk down a steep hill and run the loop again. This loop was brutal. The first two loops we ran, one of the high school guys took off and I was struggling to stay with him near the end. The last 40 - 50 meters of each loop was rough. My legs burned and the sun was beating down on me. It was kind of like the agony near the end of a race where you are in pain and your legs want to slow down, but you keep pushing because you are close enough to the finish you can gut it out for a little bit longer. Pretty much every single loop felt like that, but I finished it eventually and managed not to throw up. After doing the core workout, I did a slow 2.5 mile cooldown. Total mileage on the day was ~8.5 miles.

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