Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday - Kenyan Way speedwork - 5.25 miles total

We had a nice tough workout this morning. The temperature was a little cooler - low 60's which was nice. I drove over to the workout instead of running over so I only got about a 1.5 mile warmup instead of the usual 2.5 - 3. We ran loops inside the grassy area near the onramp to westbound memorial drive from southbound waugh. For each loop we ran, we got half of the time it took us to run the loop for rest. Each loop took us about 47 seconds or so and we would take about 25 seconds rest and start up again. I finished 17 loops in the 20 minutes and was consistently right around 47 seconds/loop except for the last one where I ran it in 41 seconds going hard. I didn't have a Garmin but I think somebody said the loop was about 260 meters long which seems about right. I was running with a guy named Mike and he said that we were under 5:00 pace on every one of the loops we ran. After the workout I did a 1 mile cooldown and core workout with Sean.

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