Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday 10/19 - Kenyan Way Hills

Finally made it out of bed for a morning run without any mishaps or excuses. Ran 2.5 mile warmup, drills and strides and then ran 30 minutes of hill circuits on the 4 cloverleafs. We ran hard on each of the 4 cloverleafs and jogged between the hills. I didn't bother timing the laps on the individual hills since it would be kind of tough to compare. I started out the first lap at a quick, but not too hard pace and picked it up and was flying by the end of the workout. My overall lap times weren't changing much, but I was definitely running a lot faster by the end of the workout on the hills. Ran a 2.5 mile cooldown back to the house after the workout.

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