Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday 10/30 - 9 miles

I ran with a co-worker at lunch today and we did about 9 miles in 62 minutes. I had been contemplating running a 5k on Saturday, but this run pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't be doing that. My co-worker, Mead ran the 10 for Texas 10 miler in about 61 minutes a few weeks ago. If he seriously trained and put in higher mileage, he could probably be crazy fast. The weather was really nice out - low 60's and cloudy and lots of puddles everywhere on the ground from the storms that had passed through on Thursday night. We were planning on doing close to 8 miles, but we took a wrong turn in a subdivision and ended up adding on a bit when we came out on the wrong side. I felt pretty good today and I'm glad it looks like I'm starting to get my mileage back up there. Before we started running I was telling a couple people in the locker room about my exchange from Thursday with the security guard and about 45 seconds later a security guard (different guy) comes walking through the locker room. They probably have it bugged or something and were coming to have a chat with me. Either that or they were making sure there weren't any unruly thugs causing problems in the locker room. It was kind of amusing because as soon as the guy left everyone was asking me if it was the same guy from the day before.

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