Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday 10/27 9.1 miles

I went out for a run in the evening after work. My legs definitely were still tired from the race and a little sluggish. The weather was really nice with temperature in the low 60's. I've run this route a few times and measured the total distance before and I have sort of rough ideas of about where each mile is, but I wasn't wearing a Garmin so I didn't get exact mile splits. The first half mile was really slow, but then my legs started to loosen up and I started cruising. I hit the first mile around 7:45 but with the nice weather, I averaged about 7:00 pace for the rest of the run and finished in just under 65 minutes. Aerobically it was very easy and I could have had a conversation the whole way if I'd been running with someone. My legs were tired, but I never felt like I was pushing too hard on them.

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