Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday - 6.5 miles

This was the most miserable run I've done all year I think. I guess the last two days finally caught up to me. I got up early Sunday morning to get my run in and it was warm and extremely humid out. It was kind of like the clouds were just sweating. This was one of those days I wish I hadn't run with a watch. I felt like I was going quicker than my watch said so it was discouraging every time I looked down thinking I'd see quicker times. My legs just felt dead today and I was pretty stiff and slow the first mile and was above 8:30. I got down to about 8:00 pace for a couple miles and then fell back off to about 8:15 pace for the last couple. I finished the run which is about the only good thing about today's run.

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