Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday - 16 miles - 1:53

I did my Saturday long run by myself. I've felt a little tired and lethargic a lot of the week so I took the opportunity to sleep in since the weather was cooler. I started the run about 9:00 am and it was in the mid-70's and cloudy out. I was planning on trying to do 16 - 18 miles. I didn't take any energy gels or water with me so I was dependent on hitting drinking fountains during the route. I grabbed a quick sip at mile 2, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get to a drinking fountain around mile 6 which would have let me go the rest of my planned route which didn't have another drinking fountain until about mile 15. I knew if I went 13 miles between water stops, I was going to be pretty dehydrated and struggle. I changed my route and went back to Memorial park and got to a fountain at about mile 12, but I was pretty parched by then. I did another 4 miles, but I was slowing down enough and pretty wiped out that I decided to call it good at 16 instead of pushing myself to 18 miles. My splits were 7:38, 7:16, 7:12, 7:05, 6:58, 6:59, 6:57, 6:50, 6:47, 6:59, 6:56, 7:04, 7:14, 6:58, 6:54, 7:15 for a 7:03 average. I was fairly impressed with the pace for 16 miles since I had run a tempo run the day before.

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