Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday 10/28 - 7 miles

I got up this morning and ran a couple of laps at the park and got a total of 7 miles in. After yesterday evening's run, my legs felt even more tired today. I stopped to talk briefly with Sean about whether I should run a 5k this weekend. He said he wouldn't recommend doing it, but if I wanted to I could but don't expect to be running super fast times. I'll see how my legs feel on Friday. After I finished today's run and the way my legs felt, I think I'm leaning away from doing it right now. I averaged about 8 minute pace this morning. I probably won't run until lunch or in the evening on Thursday so that will give my legs a little more time to recover between now and my next run.

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  1. hey i am burying this comment since i dont have your email. i still dont want a lot of just random readers...but figured i would give the non-life, non-must have access to read kind of blog a go again... :o)

    i started a new that isnt private and will only be about running and my quest for a BQ sometime late 2010 :o)