Saturday, August 8, 2009

13.1 miles

The weather Saturday was miserable. I ran 13.1 miles with Andrew, Sam and Mike. I was running a little late (like usual) and I missed the start of the run. I was in the parking lot and saw the fast group go by so I took off after them. My first mile averaged about 7:00 as I was trying to catch up. I caught up to Sam and Andrew and a while later Mike who was running later than me caught up to us. We averaged 7:09 pace for the run and I was feeling pretty decent. We got back to the base and had to add a lap around the bayou and Sam and Andrew took off after the water stop on Sabine. I was really tempted to go with them, but we were running sub-7:00's and I didn't want to inadvertantly turn it into a race. I had been thinking of trying to do 14 - 15, but I was done once I got back to the base. I was toast and I had to sit down on the sidewalk since I was so worn out. Once I got back home, I ended up napping for almost 2 hours later in the morning. Next week I really need to try to start adding a couple of miles to my long run.

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