Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday - 9.5 miles - 69 minutes

I ran 9.5 miles by myself mid-morning on Saturday. I had set the alarm clock to get up and go running with Sean and Mike and whomever else showed up, but I woke up about 4:30 and decided to turn the alarm off and sleep in. I just felt exhausted and I didn't want to go out there and get dropped a couple miles into the run. About 10:00 I ran a 9.6 mile loop from my house up Memorial to Chimney Rock to Woodway and back through the park and home. Fortunately I had some cloud cover for almost the entire run which made it a lot more bearable. The temperature was probably in the mid to upper 80's during the run. My splits were 7:53, 7:24, 7:31, 7:09, 7:17, 7:05, 6:53, 7:03, 7:18, 7:17 pace for last 0.6 miles. The run was easier than I expected it to be, but my legs felt pretty beat up from the past week of running.

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