Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Hills - 9 miles total

I headed out the door before work this morning for the Monday morning Kenyan Way hill work. I noticed yesterday when I finished my run that I had a blister/raw spot on the inside of my left foot. I got some new shoes a few weeks ago and my feet still seem to be having some issues with them. I'm wearing the Adidas Adizero Boston and I like the shoe in general, but I've had some issues with the shoe fitting real tight in the forefoot. The shoes were laced pretty tight out of the box and I got a raw spot on my right foot the first week I was wearing them and you could see the blood seeping through the shoe and there was a nice red spot. I loosened up that shoe and haven't had any problems with that one since. I wore the shoes on Sunday's run and I wore some socks that were thicker than what I usually wear. That may have made the fit a little too tight in the midfoot. I could really feel it rubbing during my warmup and when I got to the workout this morning I taped some anti-blister stuff on my foot which helped some.

The workout we did was 4 x 1 mile on the cloverleafs where we ran up the first one, down the second, up the third and down the fourth so we didn't have to walk down the steep hills. Sean said the loop was probably about 5 seconds short of a mile. We were supposed to run each one faster than the previous one and I got 2 minutes rest in between. The first one was basically a warmup and I didn't quite understand all the instructions so I didn't run it exactly how I should have. We were supposed to run a fast mile all the way through, but I ran hard on the uphills and then eased up between the hills so I could have run quicker if I ran an even pace on the first loop which I finished in 6:00. It was a good warmup to get moving a little quicker and start running faster on the next three. I ran the 2nd one in 5:32 and it felt pretty easy. I picked up the pace on the 3rd one and finished in 5:18. I lost a few seconds when I got stuck behind some slower runners I was lapping on the bridge and there was too much traffic to hop onto the road to go around them. I knew the last one would be tough, but I wanted to come in below 5:10. I really pushed the last one and fortunately I didn't really get stuck behind too many people and I finished in 5:03. After the workout I did a 2.5 mile cooldown back to the house. When I got home I could see a nice big blood spot on my shoe from the raw spot on my foot. I like the shoes other than the rubbing on my feet. The weight is nice and I like the feel of them when I am running. If I can get them to fit right and not give me blisters or raw spots, then I will probably use this model to run the marathon in.

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