Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday - 6.5 miles

I've been working 13 hours a day all week so if I didn't get up early and run in the morning I didn't have a chance to get a run in, but we finally finished the project today. Friday I got up and run a couple laps at the park and did 6.5 miles in 47 minutes. Nothing too exciting, but I finished the run with a couple sub 7:00 miles at the end. There was a guy wearing these shorts that looked kind of like a US flag and he was moving at a pretty good pace when I had about 3 miles to go. At first I thought it might have been Bill and I was trying to catch him, but when I got closer I could tell from the guy's form that it wasn't. I never quite caught him so I don't know who it was. I closed the gap and almost caught him, but I had to turn off the trail to head back home.

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