Sunday, August 9, 2009

7.6 miles

After the afternoon storms, I went running at the park on Sunday evening. The rain basically turned it into a sauna outside. I didn't want to push myself too hard since I was going to be doing a hill workout on Monday morning. I got into a groove and was knocking out 7:20 miles for the first 4 miles. During the 5th mile, I caught up to a guy who was working hard to stay ahead of me and I hit mile 5 in 7:12. I wasn't pushing it too hard, but I just stayed about 5 yards behind him and was cruising. Any time I would get closer he would pick up the pace a little bit. Mile 6 we hit in 7:00 and he was pretty tired at that point and I just cruised by him. I don't know if he just stopped for water or really slowed down, but I didn't see him again. I cruised it in and finished the run in about 54 minutes. I felt pretty good for running in a sauna the day after a long run and my legs didn't feel too thrashed.

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