Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday - 6.5 miles easy

I got up and did an easy 6.5 miles at the park. My groin felt ok, but my legs were pretty tired. I ran the first lap at the park and Sean and Luis were out running and went flying by me. They had stopped at the Tennis center and I talked to Sean for a minute and then continued on my next lap. I was feeling a little better and more awake on the 2nd lap and ran it at about 7:40 pace. Sean and Luis passed me again and I could have stayed with them, but I didn't feel any need to get out of my rhythm and run any faster than I should. I finished the 6.5 miles in 51:30, a little under 8:00 pace. I did 4 strides at the end of my workout. I figure since Bill is getting crazy fast running strides, I will try to incorporate a few into the end of a few of my easy days. Unfortunately I think the days of me finishing 10 seconds behind Bill in a 5k are behind me, but hopefully I'll give him a run for his money in some of the longer races this fall.

In other news-
I traded Thomas Jones for Reggie Bush on my fantasy football keeper league team. It gives me a little more roster flexibility and will hopefully help me out this upcoming season.

Did anybody see the women's 10000 at the World track and field championships yesterday? The race came down to a sprint over the last 150 between 2 Ethiopians and a Kenyan. The two Ethiopians were ahead and one of them had a lead with about 50 meters to go, but the other one was right behind her and reeling her in. The Kenyan had looked out of it with about 100 to go, but hung in there and started getting back into the race on the far outside. The 2nd Ethiopian passed the first one, but was unaware that the Kenyan was flying up on her outside. The Kenyan just won the race, but the Ethiopian started to raise her hands in victory as she crossed the line since she had passed the other Ethiopian woman and she thought she had won. Just as she's raising her hands, she sees that the Kenyan had passed her on the outside and quickly lowers her arms. It was kind of funny, but a little awkward.

Now we know how fast Usain Bolt is when he actually runs a whole 100m race instead of showboating and cruising the last 20 meters. 9.58!! That was quick. Tyson Gay ran a great race with a new American record in 9.71. He was as far ahead of 3rd as Bolt was ahead of him, but Bolt is just in a class of his own.

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