Saturday, August 29, 2009

16 mile long run

This was one of the best long runs that I've had in a long time. I ran 16.2 miles and averaged 7:07 pace. Probably the best news of the day is that I didn't run into the steel cable around the edge of the parking lot this morning! We ran the River Oaks loop and then we added on a little extra mileage at Memorial Park on the way back. At mile 10 we dropped down under 7:00 pace and I stayed under it the rest of the way to the finish. The weather was actually fairly reasonable out and felt cooler than it had the past few weeks. When we would stop at a water stop, I would actually feel cool when I stopped moving. When we got back to the base I was right at 15 miles, so I decided to add on an extra mile on the cloverleaf hills at Waugh and Memorial as Sean had suggested. I ran the last mile with 4 hills in 6:35 running hard on the hills and recovering between them. My legs felt really good at the end of the run. I don't remember the last time they felt so fresh at the end of a 15+ mile run. I could have easily gone at least a couple miles further. I think the combination of having a couple days off last week and cooler weather really helped out a lot.

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