Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/3/10 - 7 miles - 50 minutes

Ran another fairly easy run and tried to concentrate on my form. I was able to run a route where I was running on grass/dirt for about 3 out of the 7 miles and it was good to be on a softer surface for a while. I averaged about 7:10 pace with a few sub-7:00's in the middle. My legs felt pretty good during the run and I spent quite a while stretching afterwards.

I registered for the Kenyan Way spring program and Sean talked me out of running the Buffalo Wallow 6k this weekend. It's probably the smart thing to do. The course will be really nasty on Saturday with all the rain we've gotten the last couple of days and there is just more opportunity to tweak something and prolong the injured hamstrings. He said I should just concentrate the next few weeks on building mileage, stretching and lifting and not doing anything too strenuous that could aggravate my hamstring. I picked up a hamstring compression wrap and I'll try that out on some of my easy runs. I had contemplated getting it before the marathon, but it had some pretty serious compression and I wasn't comfortable trying it in the marathon without having been able to train with it. Now that I've got plenty of time for training I'll see if it helps out or not.

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