Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally back to running

After a couple of weeks off, I finally made it out running again today. I was trying to give my hamstring some extra time to recover before I start ramping up mileage again in preparation for Boston. I did a 6.1 mile loop in 42:20 which is a little under 7:00 avg pace. I spent almost the entire run concentrating on my form. When I get tired, my legs tend to flail from side to side and I think good form keeps my hamstrings from hurting so much. I felt fresh and well rested and didn't have any hamstring pain or issues during the run. I stretched afterwards and my hamstring was definitely still sore, but I only felt it while stretching and I haven't felt it anymore the rest of the day.

I got fitted for orthotics right before the marathon and they should be in this week. I'm hoping that they will help me out with my form and my nagging hamstring issues. I'm also contemplating running the Buffalo Wallow 6k this coming weekend. I was out of town this weekend so I didn't get a chance to try to defend my 2nd place finish from last year's Rockets 5k.

In my marathon recap post a couple weeks ago, I neglected to mention that my dad ran the 1/2 marathon and won his age group (60 - 64) in 1:36:57. He qualified for the Boston marathon back in November and we will both be running Boston in April.


  1. Good to know you were out there. i was as well, slowly moving along, getting myself ready for some heavier training as well.

    Congrats to your dad. Glad I got to see yall in the GRB after and congratulate him personally.

  2. Thanks Sam. I'm motivated again after all my fellow KW'ers smoked me in Houston.