Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wednesday 2/24/10 - 7.5 miles

I didn't get home from work as early as I would have liked and I didn't get out the door to start the run until about 7:30. My goal was to do about 9 miles including 6 miles tempo pace, but the workout didn't go quite as well as I planned. Between my hill workout Monday and the 9 miles Tuesday, my hamstring was feeling a little more sore than usual. I don't know if I tweaked something on the hill workout, but I could feel it a little more than usual. After the last two days, my legs felt a little tired too and I struggled to get my first mile below 6:15 pace and my goal had been to start at around 6:00 pace and drop to ~5:40 pace by the end of the 6 miles. Between my legs being tired and running late in the evening when it was darker out I felt like I was stumbling all over the place and after the first mile I decided not to do the hard workout and just do a regular run. I think it is more important for me to get my mileage up and stay healthy than get multiple speed workouts in each week. The rest of the workout at an easier pace felt fine.

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