Thursday, March 12, 2009

6.5 miles on treadmill

It was pouring outside at lunch and windy and about 50 degrees. I saw two crazy guys head outside to run in the rain, but I figured I'd rather endure the boredom of a treadmill than get thoroughly soaked and cold. I set the treadmill on random so it changed the incline throughout the run which made it a little more interesting. I wish that when it jacked the incline up to 4 or 5 degrees, it would also slow the pace down. I would have to slow the pace down on the hill parts and then speed it up again as it got flatter...kind of like a real run. I did just over 6.5 miles in 46 minutes which was about as long as I could take on it.

A couple updates/clarifications on some of my previous posts. My team got 9th overall in the Texas Independence Relay. If we hadn't gone off course a couple of times, we would have moved up to 8th place, but the 7th place team was way ahead of us.

When I said that I ran the 6 mile loop backwards on Monday, I didn't literally run backwards for 6 miles. I ran the 6 mile loop in the opposite direction that I normally do. Somebody who shall remain nameless asked me about it so I wanted to clarify it in case anybody else out there was confused and losing sleep over it.

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