Sunday, March 15, 2009

7.5 miles easy

I ran just over 7.5 uneventful miles at Memorial Park Sunday evening in 56 minutes - avg 7:25 pace. The first mile was a little slow and after about mile 2 I settled into about a 7:20 pace for the rest of the run. My hamstring felt kind of tight most of the run. It didn't get sore like it had previously, but I could definitely feel something there for most of the run. Other than that I felt pretty good. I didn't seem too sore or tired after the 24 miler. I was contemplating doing about 9 miles once I got midway through the run, but after doing about 40 miles over the last 3 days I didn't feel the need to add on to the run. Lots of stretching and foam rolling after the run. I was thinking of running a 5k this coming weekend, but I'm not so sure about it now. We'll see how I'm feeling on Thursday and Friday. I seem to be able to put in the miles without aggravating it too much, but the speedwork worries me a little bit. The 24 miles with 6 hard at the end on Saturday definitely was tough on my legs.

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  1. You ran well Saturday for fatigued legs. Take care to keep it easy this week, and you may be able to do a race this weekend.

    The easy part, though of giving advice is that I can always give this advice...
    ...I'd talk to Sean about it. :)