Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long run

I ran 14.5 miles with 11 miles at goal marathon pace. I was a little late getting there in the morning so I ended up running the entire time by myself. I started out with about a 2.5 mile warmup before the 11 miles at marathon pace. It took me a couple of miles after my warmup to settle into the pace I wanted, but overall I averaged 6:15 for the 11 miles which is right where I wanted to be at. I was a little surprised my heart rate wasn't higher than where it was at but the temperature was about 60 out this morning although it was very humid.

My splits and HR for the 11 miles were-
1- 6:25, 168
2- 6:21, 169
3- 6:18, 171
4- 6:20, 172
5- 6:14, 171
6- 6:12, 170
7- 6:14, 172
8- 6:12, 174
9- 6:21, 173
10- 6:21, 171
11- 5:48, 177

Miles 9 and 10 had a little more uphill in them and then I pushed the last mile to try to get back on a decent pace. The total run took 1:34. I was pleased with this workout since it was only 1-1/2 days after my last hard workout and I ran last night too. My body felt a lot better at the end up this run compared to how I felt at the end of the 20 and 24 mile runs I've done. I've definitely felt a lot more motivated and excited about my runs the last few days.

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