Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday 6 miles easy, Tuesday - off

I decided to go out for a 6 mile run at lunch on Monday since I had about 30 hours recovery since the last leg I ran in the Texas Independence relay. The first half mile I wondered why I was actually going for a run the day after running the relay where I ran about 27 miles total over a 16 hour period with 23 of them being marathon or sub-marathon paced. Surprisingly, my hamstring felt fine. I figured that it would probably be tender or tight after multiple fast runs since it seemed to feel like that the day after my last 8 mile tempo run. My calves definitely felt a little tighter and strained. I probably could have done a little more cooling down and stretching between legs of the race although I did do some after each leg.

After about 1/2 a mile, I started to loosen up and feel a little better. I decided to be wild and crazy today and I ran my 6 mile loop backwards today. I almost always run my looped runs in the same direction, but I figured going the opposite direction would keep the run fresh and exciting. After a couple miles I was actually feeling pretty good and felt like I could pick up the pace, but I held back some. I finished the 6+ miles in 45 minutes and averaged 7:25 - 7:30 pace.

I was swamped at work on Tuesday and at work from 7:00 am - 9:30 pm and didn't get a chance to run. It is probably just as well because my calves still felt kind of tight. Last year when I was having some pain in my achilles, it was preceeded by tight calves and not backing off when I needed to. They are definitely feeling better this morning and I'm planning on doing my planned speedwork this evening. Hopefully the weather will hold up and I can run my workout outside rather than on a treadmill.

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