Wednesday, March 4, 2009

8 mile tempo run, 12 miles total

I was feeling pretty fresh today and ready to go on my 8 mile tempo run. The temperature was 72 out, slightly breezy and partly sunny. I was planning on trying to start out around 6:00 pace and gradually work up to the low 5:50's by the end of the 8 miles. I didn't know how much the warm weather would affect me and I didn't want to go out too hard in the first mile and end up blowing the entire workout. It usually takes me a little while to get dialed into the right pace so I try to negative split my tempo runs.

My splits for the 8 miles were - 5:56, 5:55, 5:52, 5:53, 5:51, 5:51, 5:48, 5:48. Total time for 12 miles was 1:16.

I felt really good out there and pretty smooth and relaxed for the first 6 miles. The last 2 miles were starting to get tough and I think I was probably getting a little quicker than tempo pace, but I didn't want to start slowing down. I've had two really strong workouts this week and I'm feeling really good about the shape I'm in right now.


  1. Great workout...You definitely came out of yours much better than I came out of mine.

  2. Thanks. I also took Tuesday off and am doing about 20 miles less than you this week.