Monday, March 30, 2009

Hill Workout

Since my legs were relatively fresh today, I decided to try a treadmill hill workout my dad had sent me that was supposed to be geared towards people training for Boston. The workout was 8 sets of 90 seconds at marathon pace on a 6% incline, 1 minute recovery jog, 60 seconds at marathon pace at a 7% incline, 2 minutes recovery jog.

I did a 3 mile warmup outside to minimize the time I had to actually run on the treadmill. I covered about about 3/4 of a mile in each set, though the distance covered gradually dropped off throughout the workout as I jogged a little slower through the recoveries. I made it through 8 sets and did about 3/4 of a mile easy cooldown for about 9.5 miles total on the day. I found the 90 seconds at 6% to be much harder than the 60 seconds at 7% incline. Some of it was probably just mental since the 90 seconds seemed so much longer and I felt like I could always gut out a hard 60 seconds no matter how tired I was. I was happy with the workout and I didn't fall off the treadmill and my hamstring didn't feel any worse than normal though I could feel it a bit. We'll see how the legs are feeling tomorrow for a slow easy day.

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