Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hill Workout

I got up early for a hard hill workout this morning. We met up at Jackson hill at 5:45 and did a 5 mile warmup running to Memorial Park and back. We had quite the crowd with 7 guys out there this morning - Sean, Luis, Bill, Dan, Mike, Sam and me. For the workout we did repeats around the memorial-waugh dr cloverleaf and then jogged down the steep hill and started the loop again. This was a tough workout. I got lapped once by Sean, Bill and Dan. They did 13 loops and I did 12. The loops were a little over 200 meters long I think. My 12 repeats all ranged from 37 - 39 seconds. I wasn't that much slower on the hard part, but at that pace I needed more recovery time. I started out at about 40 seconds recovery from the end of the hill to the start of the next repeat and I was up to 50 seconds or a little more by the end of the workout. It was a really tough workout, but I stayed pretty consistent throughout and was pleased with it. My legs were just toast afterwards and I struggled on the 1.25 mile cooldown afterwards. Tomorrow is going to be a slow day for sure.

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