Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday - 13.5 - 14 miles

I'm not exactly sure how far I ended up running since part of the run was downtown and my Garmin always seems to be inaccurate when I'm downtown with all the tall buildings around. At the end of the run, my Garmin said I had done a little over 13.5 miles at a 7:30 average pace, but I know that my average pace was quicker than that. It showed that I had a couple of 8:30 miles and I wasn't going that slow except maybe for the very first mile.

I was a little late to the start of the run and a bunch of the groups had already taken off. I figured I would just run through the first couple of water stops and make up some time and catch the group I usually run with. I was pretty tired from my run Friday afternoon and I started out the first mile at a little over 8:00 pace. I realized that I probably wouldn't catch up to the group just by running through the water stops so when I got downtown I cut over towards Minute Maid Park instead of going by the Toyota Center so I could meet up with my running group. Sean was at the 2nd water stop and I got there about 20 - 30 seconds ahead of the group. They were flying when we left the water stop. My garmin wasn't very accurate for this section, but I'm pretty sure we were well under 7:00 pace. Once we got back to Allen Parkway, we knocked out a couple of 6:30 miles and were really moving pretty quick. We got back to the base around 8.5 miles or so and took a quick water break. I don't think anybody wanted to keep pushing 6:30 pace for the rest of the workout. We ran out to Memorial Park and I did a half mile on the trail and then headed back. I finished the workout in 1:40. It was a good workout. I liked having the quick section in the middle of the run. I probably would have run slower the whole run and not gone quite as far if I ended up running by myself.

For the past week I think I ended up with right around 60 miles which is my highest mileage week since I ran the Boston marathon.

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