Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday - Kenyan Way speed workout

I was a little sluggish after running 8 miles less than 12 hours before this workout, but I started out easy on the workout and ended up having a really good workout. I decided with the previous night's run i would just drive over and have a little bit shorter warmup and cooldown.I did about a 1-3/4 mile warmup and some drills and strides before the workout. The workout was a loop on the bayou near the Waugh bat bridge. We did about a 500 - 550 meter run at medium to hard effort, had about a 150 - 200 meter recovery jog, then an 80 - 100 meter fast stride, about a 30 meter walk recovery, another 80 - 100 meter stride and then about a 50 meter recovery shuffle to the starting point and repeat the loop. The workout was 30 minutes continuous on the circuit. I had some problems getting my watch started so my first lap times were a little off, but I think we did the 500 - 550 meter section in just under 2:00 and the first lap took almost 6 minutes. We started picking the pace up and I think our next two laps we hit 1:48 and 1:46 on the main section. I really started pushing it on the next lap and started pulling away a little bit and hit 1:35 on my 4th lap. The fifth lap I hit 1:31 and we finished the fifth lap with about 1:30 to go so I had time to run one more hard section. It was tough, but I was able to crank out a 1:28 on the last lap. I did an easy 1.25 mile cooldown after the workout. I'm not sure of my total mileage, but it was probably somewhere in 7 - 7.5 mile ballpark.

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